Monday, 26 March 2012

Quote of the Day

Well it was last Friday actually, but I thought it was worth passing on.
Said by by Talented Only Son about a particularly twattish person on his course

'It was like he had removed his brain , placed it in his trouser pocket and it was dribbling down his leg...'

I knew exactly what he meant..
Hell IS other people!


  1. If he'd have been a girl I'd have thought him in the same year as my daughter - she has a similar view of some of her compatriots.

  2. I cant think where he gets his view of humanity from ;)!
    I preach tolerance but I now discover that the world i have released my precious children into hasn't been raised the same way !
    Anyhoo the darling boy is tolerant of anyone who makes an effort, who tries .. so what more can i ask for

  3. Ooooh what a great description of so many I come across! : )